Eagle Claw Lazer Long Shank Offset Octopus Hooks




Eagle Claw Long Shank L2B Octopus Needle Point Hook Re-engineered design for increased sharpness. Superior Penetration, Increased Hook Up Ratio. Perfect combination of sharpness, strength and design. These hooks are super strong, super sharp and simply the best value in premium needle point fish hooks! Made in USA!

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1/0 8pk, 1/0 46pk, 2/0 8pk, 2/0 43pk, 3/0 7pk, 3/0 40pk, 4/0 6pk, 4/0 34pk, 5/0 5pk, 5/0 29pk, 6/0 4pk, 7/0 3pk, 7/0 19pk


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