Eagle Claw Lazer Trokar TK-619R Ringed Offset Circle Hook


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EAGTK619R-1/0 1/0 Black Nickel Ringed/Offset 5pk $8.49
EAGTK619R-2/0 2/0 Black Nickel Ringed/Offset 5pk $8.49
EAGTK619R-3/0 3/0 Black Nickel Ringed/Offset 5pk $8.49
EAGTK619R-4/0 4/0 Black Nickel Ringed/Offset 4pk $8.49
EAGTK619R-5/0 5/0 Black Nickel Offset Ringed 4pk $8.49
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EAGTK619R-6/0 6/0 Black Nickel Offset/Ringed 4pk $8.49


The Medium wire offset circle hook featuring Trokar technology. Ringed for a more realistic live bait presentation. Trokar circle hooks penetrate and set faster than other circle hooks due to the sharpness of the hook point.

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TK619R-1/0 5PK, TK619R-2/0 5PK, TK619R-3/0 5PK, TK619R-4/0 4PK, TK619R-5/0 4PK, TK619R-6/0 4PK