Eagle Claw Lazer Trokar TK619i Inline Circle Hook


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EAGTK619i-1/0 1/0 Black Nickel Inline Circle 11pk $10.99
EAGTK619i-2/0 2/0 Black Nickel Inline Circle 10pk $11.99
TK619i-3/0 3/0 Black Nickel Inline Circle 9pk $11.99
EAGTK619i-4/0 4/0 Black Nickel Inline Circle 9pk $11.99
EAGTK619i-5/0 5/0 Black Nickel Inline Circle 8pk $11.99
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EAGTK619i-6/0 6/0 Black Nickel Inline Circle 6pk $11.99


In saltwater, it’s the new hook of choice.

Designed and forged in the heart of America, TroKar is the first surgically sharpened hook in the world, giving you faster, deeper, surer penetration with every strike.

Whether you’re fishing blue water, in-shore, at sea or on the flats, TroKar’s surgically sharpened technology and species-specific design add a whole new level of performance to the art of big game fishing. When fish hit, hit back hard with TroKar. 

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TK619i-1/0 11PK, TK619i-2/0 10PK, TK619i-3/0 9PK, TK619i-4/0 9PK, TK619i-5/0 8PK, TK619i-6/0 6PK