GPX Red Rail Rod Blanks


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GPX 76 Raptor 7'6" FAST 50-100 1 9.00 0.932 15.10 $276.00
GPX76 Centaur 7'6" Fast 60-130 1 9.50 0.955 15.70 $234.00
GPX76 Viper 7'6" Fast 80-150 1 10.00 0.982 17.30 $299.99
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GPX76 Invictus 7'6" Fast 100-Unlimited 1 11 1.062 20.80 $344.00
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They are composite rods. Graphite and regular glass. The difference between the GPX and the RCX is the addition of a carbon fiber wrap over the usual dual helix layup schedule.

GPX blanks are initially much faster than the regular RCX rail rods. The use of carbon fiber and slight alterations in the layup schedule make this possible. Don’t be fooled by the initial fast action of the blanks. These are specialized tools for the acc

As the blank loads up the carbon fiber material make the blank more progressive in its action. This gives the blank tremendous recoil and unprecedented lift.

These blanks are


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Centaur, Invictus, Raptor, Viper