Joe Shute Lantern Lure


The Lantern Lure combines the traditional Joe Shute Tuna lure and a latex squid tail. The mylar hair and squid tail make for a unique swimming action that most lures can’t imitate.

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2blue white lantern
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FFL3BW 3oz 2 $25.95
FFL534BW 5 3/4oz 3 $29.95


2green lantern
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FFL3GRN 3oz 3 $25.95
FFL534GRN 5 3/4oz 5 $29.95

Joe Shute Fish Finder Lantern Trolling Lure. Joe Shute Lantern’s series of lures combines both the traditional nylon hair skirts with the durability of rubber tuna tails for a very durable and fish-attracting lure. Very popular for tuna, wahoo, and dolphins. The Lantern can be fished with or without bait. Place a Ballyhoo or Ronz tail in the head for a unique tuna-attracting lure. The Joe Shute Lantern is a unique lure. It has all of the same great qualities as the original Joe Shute Tuna lure. The addition of the latex squid tail gives the lure an additional level of flash that tuna can’t resist. Trophy Tackle sells the Lantern lure in 2 sizes and the two most popular colors.

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5 3/4oz, 3oz


Blue/White, Green/Green

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