Mark II T-Bar Handle for Penn International 130 Reels


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MK T-Bar™ articulated reel handles are the first ergonomically correct reel handles ever developed. This revolutionary patented design was first created by Brooks Morris of Area Rule Engineering, and is still today the big game fishing industry’s first choice in fighting reel handles. The ergonomically correct angle of the T-Bar™ handle ensures maximum power with minimum fatigue. Unlike other reel handles, the T-Bar™ takes full advantage of the natural dynamics of the human hand, wrist and forearm to help sustain power and endurance for the angler.   The MK T-Bar II handle has a long history of success in the world of big game fishing. The oversize grip and powerful lever arm make this handle the perfect compliment to your large offshore reels. Professionals and recreational sport fishermen alike, find the MK-II to be great asset to their bigger reels.  Part # TB-P130 penn International 130 Reels

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