RONZ 6″ 5/8 oz 3x Rigged Head & Tail


This is Ronz’s most popular size in the 3X line of products. It is a favorite among medium and light tackle anglers for a wide variety of fish. It comes with an OWNER 3/0 heavy jig hook that can withstand some the largest inshore fish you’re likely to encounter.

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RONZ 6″ 5/8 oz 3x Rigged Head & Tail
The RonZ was originally developed for striped bass fishing on Cape Cod. Used exclusively at first by commercial striped bass fisherman, it quickly became their favorite head & tail soft bait. It’s fish catching abilities were soon discovered by other local fishermen and a demand for the RonZ was created. The first RonZ became available in local bait & tackle shops in the early 90’s.
It is a soft bait that was carefully designed from head to tail to look, act, feel and smell like the real deal. Intensively tested and proven on a variety of fish species both fresh and salt. It’s fish catching ability is unmatched by any other. Only the finest hooks and plastics are used in the making of the RonZ. Its tail has a life-like swimming motion that mimics a multitude of bait fish. There is no other tail that can present such a realistic silhouette and natural movement as the RonZ. The tail is infused with fish oil so there is no need to apply fish scents or be concerned about plastic smells.

All tails except the 4″ model have a hook exit locator hole molded into them to aid during rigging replacement tails, this helps to ensure proper positioning of the tail onto head. Remember a real bait fish does not have a crooked body or space between it’s head and tail. Take the time and rig your bait properly and remember the more realistic the bait looks the more hook-ups you’ll get, especially on large fish

The RonZ Hydro head is a very unique design that incorporates a 360 degree tail holding barb which holds the tail firmly in place. No need for smelly glues or re-rigging after each fish. When trolled or retrieved the wedge nose shape of the RonZ becomes very unstable and tends to wobble from side to side. This movement is transmitted to the tail creating a swimming motion. This swimming motion is obtained without the use of unnatural looking paddle and curly tails.  No other head & tail on the market today can mimic a bait fish like the RonZ. Try one for yourself and experience the most fisherman friendly head & tail soft bait ever to be tied on the end of your line. RONZ 6″ 5/8 oz 3x Rigged Head & Tail


Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 1 × 1 in

Black, Green Glow, Olive, Pink, Silver, White

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