RONZ 8″ 1.5 oz 4x Rigged Head & Tail




RONZ 8″ 1.5 oz 4x Rigged Head & Tail
The RONZ 4X swivel eye-swing hook jig head is the most advanced hydrodynamic designed jig head available to fishermen world-wide. Built with a internal all stainless steel swivel that allows direct line attachment without the worry of line twist, and acts as a pivot point for side to side jig head movement that is transmitted to tail wiggle. Heavy leaders can now be used without the worry of lost action.  The pure tin jig head will take a beating and keep on shinning, no more chipped paint and teeth marks.  Replace its tail and it looks like brand new again fish after fish.

A GAMAKATSU 004 Live Bait Heavy Duty hook has been selected to carry the load. This hook was introduced in the early 80’s and has set the standard for other hook manufacturers to follow. It has become a favorite among many tuna and big game fishermen world-wide and is one of the strongest hooks for its size. Built with a very sharp powerful point this hook can penetrate bone without bending. RONZ 8″ 1.5 oz 4x Rigged Head & Tail

The hook is attached to the swiveling eye via a stainless steel cotter pin that allows the eye of the hook to pivot freely in the round bend of the cotter pin. The straight end of the cotter pin is passed thru the inside eye of the swivel and bent over. When this connection is cast into the jig head it becomes a very strong link. The pivoting motion of the hook adds to the action of the tail and helps to prohibit the fish from using the weight of the jig head to shake it free. This head and hook design seems to hook most fish in the corner of the mouth helping to keep your leader away from sharp teeth. The RONZ 4X swivel eye-swing hook jig head can handle extreme drag pressures.

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 1 × 1 in

Black, Green Glow, Olive, Pink, Silver, White