The Buffalo




The Buffalo is a Slow Pitch Jig, or often called a flatfall jig. It is centre balanced and will fall with a fluttering action enticing the fish to strike as the lure falls. It is ideal for sinking through schools of tuna haning deep, or using for reef species hanging down deep when worked with long slow flicks of the rod. The Buffalo comes rigged with a super strong and super sharp BKK assist hook rigged on the tail of the jig to assist with the slower fall rate. One of the most effective jig styles imaginable.

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120g/4oz, 180g/6.25oz, 230g/8oz, 320g/11oz, 80g/3oz


Chart White, Glow Pink, Orange Warbler, Pink Glow Stripe, Pk Sardine, Purple Stripe, Red Glow Spot, Sardine


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