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Maxel Reels

Maxel Reels, High Quality and User Friendly
Maxel is known for its high-precision, high-quality aluminum fishing reels; ‘Engineered Excellence.’ Maxel reels are “famous for user-friendly designs, solid construction, powerful and smooth drag and their eye-catching colors.” You can trust Maxel’s experience and expertise in developing the right reel for you, whether it is for heavy trolling or light jigging.
Like all the products we sell, Maxel’s Ocean Max Single Speed Lever Drag Jigging Reel has been field-tested and approved by our Trophy Fishing Tackle staff.  It is a superior reel. Maxel’s commitment to over ten years of intelligent innovation is evident in the manufacturing of this reel. Like all Maxel reels, this is a one piece, cold-forged aluminum frame that has been precision machined and is super strong. Heat-treated stainless steel gears provide a gear ratio of 4:5.1, and a gear set for superior strength and long life. This low gear ratio is perfect for jigging. With oversized 6+2 stainless steel ball bearings, this Maxel jigging reel won’t fail on you as you’re fighting that big fish. The gears provide a powerful, but smooth, dual drag; one that is nice and even and performs well when wet.  Fast line recovery won’t be a problem with a Maxel jigging reel.
Maxel reels have a heavy duty anodizing to prevent corrosion. Comfortable, rubberized handle feels great in your hand; the high leverage handle with counterbalanced knob makes bringing in that big catch a little easier.
It comes is your choice of several sizes: Size 5 (18.75oz), Size 6 (19oz), Size 8 (21.75oz), Size 9 (24.3oz), Size 10 (24.8oz), Size 11 (27.6oz), and Size 12 (28.4oz).  Maxel reels come in 3 colors, though not every reel comes in every color- Gunmetal Silver, Copper Black and Silver Blue. Click on the item for detailed product descriptions.
Comparable to other jigging reels on the market, Maxel reels have all the power and reliability, for a fraction of the cost. Explore our website now to find the Ocean Max Jigging Reel that is the right one for you.
The Maxel Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the date of purchase.

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