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Fluorocarbon Fishing Leader

Fluorocarbon Fishing Leader, Critical to Success for Line Shy Fish

Take your game up a notch by using fluorocarbon as your leader material of choice on your next fishing trip. Fluorocarbon Fishing Leader is critical to success for line-shy fish. It refracts less light than regular monofilament, making it more difficult for fish to detect in the water. This can make all the difference for picky fish such as bluefin tuna. Fluorocarbon leader does not absorb water, keeping your line strong and damage-free for optimal results in all of your trophy fishing excursions.

When you do not want stretch, the harder and denser qualities of a fluorocarbon leader will allow you to feel every bite. Its strength as a leader will protect both your line and your catch. A smaller fluorocarbon leader will allow you to draw more strikes, while preventing the loss of both costly lures and a rewarding catch of fish.

We’ve Hand Selected the Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Leader for You

There are many brands to choose from, but we’ve chosen the best that we believe will meet your needs. As always, our recommendations come from these products being field-tested by our experienced staff, so that you can rely on them.

The Makai ‘Deception’ line is known for its performance. This Japanese fishing line is available in both a 30 yard coil and a 50 yard spool. You’ll find what you need in a fluorocarbon leader material among our selection of 15 to 200 lb. test strength.

The Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Line is a favorite among trophy fishermen. It is available in a variety of lengths and diameters, and ranges from 30lb to 200 lb test line. For bulk purchase of the Seaguar Blue Label line- 200 lb and 220 lb test fluorocarbon are available- call us today.

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