The new Tallus PX series of rods sets a new standard for saltwater conventional and spinning rods. Unlike other rods on the market that are known to be heavy, bulky, and often uncomfortable to fish with, the versatility of Tallus PX rods are unmatched and built to be multipurpose while enhancing angler experience and overall fishing performance. Tallus PX blanks feature Shimano’s Hi-Power X technology to make the rods lighter, more rigid, and less prone to twisting and ovalization than rods with standard blank construction. Hi-Power X technology enhances performance by transferring energy efficiently through the rod to increase casting distance and provide improved lifting power when fighting fish. The new Tallus PX casting and spinning rods incorporate high-performance and durable Seaguide guides for increased corrosion-resistance and are ready for battle after battle, no matter the target species.

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