As you know, harpoon fishing demands precision and accuracy. At Trophy Fishing Tackle, we offer a variety of high-quality harpoons for sale. Whether you seek a throwing or a cockpit harpoon, we stock tried-and-true tools that have proven themselves out on the water. High quality materials, effective design and dependable construction have been the guiding criteria for choosing what goes into our catalogue of swordfish, shark, and tuna harpoons. We carry separate harpoon shafts, darts and dart kits, if that’s what you need. Explore our catalog items now!

LT Marine offers the 8’ Cockpit (one piece), the strongest commercially-available harpoon. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The LT Marine 2 Piece Commercial Harpoon features The Harpoon Dart Retention System. The Dart retention system keeps the harpoon dart fixed to the harpoon dart shaft. The system prevents the harpoon dart from accidentally falling off the shaft under all circumstances. The system incorporates wear and environmental resistant o-rings, and a specially machined dart shaft. It breaks down to fit easily into a custom bag. As with all of our harpoons for sale, these are anodized to prevent corrosion and designed for easy cleaning.

The Trophy Tackle Harpoon is an economical two-piece harpoon for quickly subduing the largest game fish. Your day of trophy fishing is sure to be a success with one of these 9’, 9 pound, evenly-weighted tuna harpoons. Dart and shaft also sold separately.

The Shoals harpoon is a commercial-grade throwing harpoon. Crafted from the highest-grade materials, this harpoon is corrosion-resistant and easily stored on boats of all sizes. It is perfect as both a throwing and a cockpit harpoon.

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