RonZ Z Fin Paddle Tail Repaclements


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Not just another swimbait! Our Z-fin paddletail is a carefully engineered fish catching machine. Interchangeable with multiple sizes of both RonZ® original series and big game series jig heads, the Z-fin offers unrivaled versatility. Mindful detail was put into both the look and function of the Z-fin. Scales, lateral line, fins and of course our large 3d jig eyes work in harmony to create an incredibly lifelike bait. The shape of both the body and tail of the Z-fin was calculated to provide a dynamic wiggle and shudder that fish simply can’t resist.

With a length of 6”, the Z-fin is available rigged with a 2oz original series (fixed hook) jig. (they can also be used with our 3oz and 4 oz original series jigs. Sold separately).

Z-fin’s are also available rigged for offshore with our new 1.5oz  hd big game jig. (also interchangeable with our hd 2.5oz  and hd 5.0 jigs. Sold separately)

One rigged bait and one replacement tail per pack. Replacement bodies sold separately. Two per pack.

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Blue White, Bone, Makerel, Pearl Chartreuce, Sand Eel, Silver

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