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Aftco Tag sticks and Tailers. Supports both NMFS and Billfish foundation tags. Also, the tailer allows for easy handling of pelagic fish when catch and release is preferred.

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This AFTCO Tag Stick features the same light, strong “swaged”aluminum shaft as our gaffs, as well as the same tapered-tip design for quick, accurate handling in the water. Fitted with two black non-slip grips and available with a Gold or Black anodized finish, the overall length is 6 feet, with a 3/4-inch O.D. at the butt. Each tag stick comes equipped with a TSHEAD2SS head, but either of our heads (shown below) can be threaded into the end of the shaft, and are easily replaceable.

The TSHEAD2SS its standard Billfish Foundation (TBF) tags and newer NMFS tags with nylon heads designed for pointed applicators.

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