Albacore Gorilla Reels One Speed


Five Stainless Steel Shielded Bearings. Carbon Composite Multi Disc Drag. Stainless Steel Main Gear. 40lbs of drag pressure.
The Alutecnos Albacore one speed reels are the finest example of fishing reel technology available.

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Small and powerful are two ways to describe the Alutecnos Gorilla series. With its MULTI DRAG DISC that can be set over 40 lbs, a guaranteed free-spool, and a 4,4:1 ratio that proves to be perfect with this high power, the Gorilla series just may be the perfect jigging reel. Superior saltwater intrusion properties, ergonomic handles, make these reels uniquely positioned for deep drop jigging for long hours at the rail.

The Albacore 12 and 20 both feature lugs for a fighting harness while the 12C has no lugs.


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