Capt Al Lorenzetti’s Three Way Fluke Rig Kit


Capt Al Lorenzetti’s Three Way Fluke Rig Kit

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Capt Al Lorenzetti’s Three Way Fluke Rig Kit

Captain Al Lorrenzetti of shows you how to tie the ultimate fluke rig that will work for most anything that swims. This rig is a killer on summer flounder, weakfish small bass and more.

Spro Bucktails
In the video Capt Al is using a Spro Bucktail.
Any brand bucktail will work with the rig but Capt Al prefers to use a Spro. When fishing in the North East the 4 best bucktail colors for fluke are Pink, White, Chartreuse, and Glow. Depending on current strength you will have to access what weight bucktail you will need to use. Usually back bay you can fish anywhere from  1oz to 2 ounce bucktail. When fishing the ocean you will need anywhere from 2oz upwards of 6 or even 8oz. It all depends on the current.

Berkley Gulp
Also shown in the Capt Al Lorenzetti’s three way fluke rig kit video is Berkley Gulp. When fishing the back bays we usually use the 4″ swimming mullet. One advantage that gulp has over regular bait is after a missed bite it will tend to stay on the hook better. This allows the fish to come back to the bait and allows you a second chance in hooking the fish. We tend to use gulp and also add on a some real bait such as squid and spearing just to supplement the gulp. When fishing the ocean we tend to lean towards the 6 inch Berkley grub tails.  With the bigger grubs we would recommend to increase the back hook size. Anywhere between a 4/0 and 5/0 Eagle Claw Circle Hook would do. Any questions feel free to contact us.

The Video can be found here

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