Nomad DTX Minnow


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Red Bait

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-RBT 200MM - 8" 0 $34.99
DTX220-S-RBT 220MM - 9" 9 $49.99

GG - Gold Glow

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-GG 200MM - 8" 2 $34.99
DTX220-S-GG 220MM - 9" 6 $49.99

PL - Pink Lava

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-PL 200MM - 8" 0 $34.99
DTX220-S-PL 220MM - 9" 12 $49.99

WHOO - Wahooligan

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-WHOO 200MM - 8" 0 $34.99
DTX220-S-WHOO 220MM - 9" 5 $49.99

HP Hot Pink

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-HP 200MM - 8" 0 $34.99
DTX220-S-HP 220MM - 9" 0 $49.99

HPM - Hot Pink Mackerel

DTXHD200 HPM (1)
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-HPM 200MM - 8" 2 $34.99
DTX220-S-HPM 220MM - 9" 9 $49.99

BPM - Black Pink Mackerel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-BPM 200MM - 8" 1 $34.99
DTX220-S-BPM 220MM - 9" 3 $49.99

PHT - Phantom

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-PHT 200MM - 8" 0 $34.99
DTX220-S-PHT 220MM - 9" 16 $49.99

PM - Pink Mackerel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-PM 200MM - 8" 1 $34.99
DTX220-S-PM 220MM - 9" 5 $49.99

SAR - Sardine

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-SAR 200MM - 8" 3 $34.99
DTX220-S-SAR 220MM - 9" 4 $49.99

SGM - Silver Green Mackerel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-SGM 200MM - 8" 4 $34.99
DTX220-S-SGM 220MM - 9" 8 $49.99

SM - Spanish mackerel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
DTX200-S-SM 200MM - 8" 0 $34.99
DTX220-S-SM 220MM - 9" 2 $49.99

Deep, fast, straight – guaranteed. The DTX Minnow has raised the bar in trolling minnow performance and features the pat. pending Autotune system. Developed over years of R&D the Autotune system gives the lure the ability to perfectly centre itself at the tow point delivering 3 key benefits, the ability to ensure the lure always swims straight, increasing diving depth and increased troll speed. This combination makes it unique in the world of offshore trolling minnows.
A self centering tow point ensures that no matter how many fish you catch, the lure will keep swimming straight. Conventional lures with a fixed towpoint cannot all be made perfectly centred to swim straight. The ability of the Autotune system to perfectly centre itself every time on the bib means that the tow point can be pushed as far back on the bib as possible, meaning maximum diving depth and better action combined with higher troll speeds.
Available in 3 offshore sizes, 2 inshore sizes and 2 inshore/estuary/freshwater sizes, there is a DTX minnow for every application. Other key features of the DTX range include: Hydrospeed belly eyelet for maximum trolling speed; HD ABS System, an extra strong white plastic for overall strength and durability; Diamond Armour internal mesh system, strengthening transparent colours not using HD ABS; Gorilla Through Wire, welded and supported for extra strength; Metal Matrix Plate, stainless steel plate system (DTX220LRS only); heavy duty BKK hooks and terminals.
The concealed Hydrospeed belly eyelet allows faster trolling speeds with single hooks, and ensures the lure is balanced with single hooks, so the DTX minnow keeps swimming straight and true. The additional belly eyelet in front of the Hydrospeed eyelet is designed to be able to fit an assist hook when targeting large tuna and marlin.

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HPG- Hot Purple Glow, PL – Pink Lava, WHOO – Wahooligan, BPM – Black Pink Mackerel, COM Chartreuse Orange Mackerel, GG – Gold Glow, HP Hot Pink, HPM – Hot Pink Mackerel, MT Mackerel Tuna, PHT – Phantom, PM – Pink Mackerel, Red Bait, SAR – Sardine, SGM – Silver Green Mackerel, SM – Spanish mackerel


200MM – 8", 220MM – 9"

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