Eagle Claw Lazer TrokarTK619H Offset Circle Heavy Wire Hook




The three-sided hook point that penetrates twice as fast as other point shapes, allowing for dramatically increased hook-up ratios. The three facets of the TroKar point are precisely and symmetrically ground for consistent performance, using the radically new Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST). No other hook in the world is made like this. It results in a strong point that is twice as sharp as any hook on the market, and penetrates with half the effort.

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Product Model

TK619H- 4/0 7PK, TK619H- 5/0 6PK, TK619H- 6/0 5PK, TK619H- 7/0 4PK, TK619H- 8/0 3PK, TK619H- 9/0 3PK, TK619H- 10/0 2PK, TK619H- 11/0 2PK, TK619H- 12/0 2PK


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