Gamakatsu Nautilus Hook With Ring


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Nautilus Hook With Ring by Gamakatsu. These ringed circle hooks are the best choice when fishing live bait and the bait is smaller in size. They are also very good for a more stealthy presentation when the fish are line shy or easily spooked.

The Gamakatsu Nautilus Hook With Ring has quickly become a favorite of Long Range Sportfishing vessels captains. The super strong ring and forged wire construction make them very strong, light and small. The type of live bait Tuna fishing seen at Isla de Guadalupe where presentation is everything the Nautilus Hook With Ring does the perfectly.

The non offset version circle hook allows you to get the hook into the bait quickly with minimal damage to the bait. The non offset design also resits the hook from not getting in the corner of the mouth of the hook. When fishing with circle hooks, you can scale down your leader size. Most of the time the hook will be in the corner of the fishes jaw. That feature of the circle hook eliminates much of the chance of the leader chafing off in the fishes mouth.

Gamakatsu Ringed Circle hooks – the perfect hook for big fish using live bait and small hooks.









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