Hogy Sand Eel Jigs


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Green SE Jig
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
SE1GR 3.5 Inch / 1.25 Oz 10 $9.95
SE2GR 4.5 Inch / 2.5 Oz 4 $10.95


Olive SE jig
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SE1OL 3.5 Inch / 1.25 Oz 5 $9.95
SE2OL 4.5 Inch / 2.5 Oz 0 $10.95


Pink SE Jig
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SE1BG 3.5 Inch / 1.25 Oz 17 $9.95
SE2BG 4.5 Inch / 2.5 Oz 3 $10.95

Hogy Sand Eel Jigs mimic the action of a sand eel. Sand Eels are a primary bait fish for most species of gamefish.

Inshore Bluefish, Striped Bass, Sea Bass all prey on the Sand Eel. Bluefin tuna also have sand eel in their diet when they are available.

The Hogy Sand Eel jig has a slender profile. It can be fished as a surface jig when the sand eels are on top. Rip the jig across the surface and hold on for the strike.

When Sand Eels are on the bottom send the Hogy Jig down and slowly retrieve the jig or yo yo it off the bottom.

Hogy Sand Eel jigs have reflective scale finish on most models. A realistic lazer eye. Solid metal core makes the jig cast easily. The tapered shape of the jig make the jig flutter on the fall for increased strikes.

The hardware is 4x VMC treble hooks with improved flat side split rings for added strength.

For extreme versatility there are few jigs that can match the fishing ease of the Hogy Sand Eel. Surface, bottom and mid water fish these jigs catch them all. Inshore and offshore Hogy Sand Eel are hard to beat.



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Green, Olive, Pink


3.5 Inch / 1.25 Oz, 4.5 Inch / 2.5 Oz

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