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Famous HPA Popperstore, quite possibly the finest, most versatile, highest quality. Store and dry your poppers in the same convenient bag.

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Kit for storage of 10 very large poppers, each in a single dwelling. Once unwound, the HPA Popperstore can hang vertically to the cockpit of the boat. When not being hung the bag can be rolled up and stored away. This will help keep the deck clear when not in use. The bag has an additional pocket holds a clamp, the hooks boxes, etc.

Several upgrades include more elastic straps, Dual Drain mesh on each pocket allows you to rinse your entire Popperstore with fresh water, no metal, all parts, gromets are ABS or other plastics so zero rust stains.

Finding storage for poppers has always been an issue. Trying to put them in plastic boxes doesn’t allow you to be able to wash off the lures after use. Also due to the size of the poppers it would require multiple boxes to just hold a few in each. Nobody wants to be searching through boxes when you can just have most of your poppers in one central location. This is another benefit on why this is one of our favorite popper storage bags.

This bag can fit a variety of different Poppers from Large to small. This makes it easier to carry your favorite poppers to destinations near and far. Whether you’re traveling down to the boat or loading it onto a jumper plane. This bag has you covered. This bag has been field proven time and time again to be the choice of professional anglers, guides and Captains all over the world.

We currently only have the Popperstore available in Black.

One Trophy Tackle Popper recommendation that not only fit good in the bag but fish good are the Nomad Chug Norris Poppers. Thy can be found at the link below.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 5 in
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