HPA Split Ring Pliers


All HPA pliers are made from 100% 316 Stainless Steel. These pliers are made to last a lifetime but you better hold on to them tight as your buddies are going to be after them!

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HPA Split Ring Pliers

HPA Split ring pliers are hands down one of the best-split ring pliers on the market today. They are perfect for opening heavier rings up to 350# without distorting them. The way these pliers work is they have an indent on the end of the plier that goes in between the rings. The straight end of the jaw will pull back on the ring as the other end pushes it open. Once it’s open you can put on a solid ring or around the attachment point of a lure. When you get that in the ring slowly start to screw the ring onto the lure. Once attached you can just do the same procedure again for the hook. After you grasp the concept you’ll be able to change out rings in seconds with these pliers.

These pliers come with a sheath and a lanyard. This makes it easier to clip it onto a belt while you’re fishing. Local big game fishing around here we change out a lot of split rings so these HPA Split Ring Pliers make our lives way easier. Usually, we are using Owner split rings number 8 -10 depending on the size of the lure. For example, when changing the split rings on CD30 Bombers we use Spro 185# split rings or Owner 220# rings. The pliers open them up with ease. We are also using Owner 4/0 4X treble hooks on these lures. The 4X hook has a very thick eye and this tool can open the rings wide enough to go through.

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We have been able to open the heaviest rings with ease with this tool. We highly recommend it. Any questions you can contact us here or give the shop a call and we can talk you through it.

Spro Split Rings

Owner split rings


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