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Hydro Glow Fishing Lights is the world?s leader in high quality underwater fishing lights. Our ?off the boat? series of fishing lights are 12vdc, high output LED, virtually unbreakable and made to last.

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Hydro Glow makes several lengths and colors of our “off the boat” style of underwater fishing lights to meet every need. Each light comes standard with a waterproof connector making it easy to change between alligator clips, accessory plug or 120v to 12v power supply. So, if you’re in the market for high quality underwater fishing lights, Hydro Glow Fishing Lights has your light.


The HG3216 underwater fishing light is made of deep water fishing.  It is 48 inches long and designed to be deployed right off the side of the boat.  When it submerges to the desired depth simply tie or clamp the cord to a rail or cleat.  The HG3216 features 648 high output LEDs, 20’ cord, two amp draw, 4,000 lumen and is virtually unbreakable.  The HG3216 underwater fishing light is perfect for deep ocean and deep lake fishing.  It is commonly used for catching swordfish, tuna, squid, snapper, grouper and many species of bait.  It is also a favorite for deep water freshwater fishing for striped bass, walleye, crappie and lake trout.


The HG3108 is 24 inches long and made to be deployed right off the side of the boat. It features 324 high output LEDs, 2,000 lumens, one amp draw and virtually unbreakable. The HG3108 is suited for mid-sized boats and water depth in the 5 to 20 foot deep range. It is designed for both freshwater and saltwater applications. The HG3108 is perfect for crappie, stripers, hybrids, walleye, perch, sea trout, snook and snappers.


The HG354 is 12 inches long and made to be deployed right off the side of the boat.  It features 162 high out LEDs, 1000 lumens, 20’ cord, less than one amp draw and virtually unbreakable.  This model is perfect for shallow water fishing, smaller boats and even great for use on kayaks.  It’s small size makes it easy to store away and transport.  The HG354 is perfect speckled trout, reds, crappie, ice fishing and shrimping.

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