Joe Shute Tuna Lure


Joe Shute Tuna lures are the most versatile trolling lures available. They can be fished in most trolling positions in your spread. Equally effective with a rigged Ballyhoo or with a RonZ tail, Joe Shute Tuna lures are an absolute must have.

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Captain America

CPT America
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF3 CAPTAMERICA 3oz 3 $21.99
FF534 CAPTAMERICA 5 3/4oz 0 $26.95
FF8 CAPTAMERICA 8oz 0 $32.99

Black Purple/Black Purple

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF3BP/BP 3oz 8 $21.99
FF534BP/ BP 5 3/4oz 5 $26.95
FF8BP/BP 8oz 5 $32.99


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF1/Rainbow 1oz 0 $19.99
FF3/RAINBOW 3oz 3 $24.50
FF534/RAINBOW 5 3/4oz 6 $26.95
FF8/ RAINBOW 8oz 6 $34.95


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF1WH/C 1oz 10 $19.99
FF3WH/ C 3oz 6 $21.99
FF534WH/ C 5 3/4oz 11 $26.95
FF8WH/ C 8oz 32 $32.99


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF1PW/PC 1oz 7 $19.99
FF3PW/ PC 3oz 0 $21.99
FF534PW/ PC 5 3/4oz 5 $26.95
FF8PW/ PC 8oz 7 $32.99

Candy Apple Red/Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF1CAR/C 1oz 6 $19.99
FF3CAR/ C 3oz 2 $21.99
FF534CAR/ C 5 3/4oz 5 $26.95
FF8CAR/ C 8oz 7 $32.99


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF1BW/BC 1oz 3 $19.99
FF3BW/ BC 3oz 1 $21.99
FF534BW/ BC 5 3/4oz 5 $26.95
FF8BW/ BC 8oz 10 $32.99

The Joe Shute Fishfinder tuna lure has taken the tested and true sea witch lure and improved it. Most commercially tied skirts use too much hair that ends up hiding the bait and getting tangled. Joe Shute Lures are hand-tied and trimmed using just enough hair to help accent the bait instead of hiding it. The 1 and 3-ounce heads work best for wahoo, giant Bluefin tuna, and for rough water applications where you want your bait to run under the surface of the water. The 8-ounce heads are great for trolling a little deeper or fishing the furthest lure out in your trolling spread. Joe Shute lures are best used with Ballyhoo baits or with a RonZ 10″ tail in the lure. Both the Ballyhoo and RonZ tail are equally effective at producing strikes from Tuna, Billfish, and Wahoo. Where to fish them in the spread is easy. They fish equally in almost any position in the spread. Long rigger, short rigger, and the way way back are all locations where the Joe Shute lure will fish great. Joe Shute lures make for great daisy chains as well. Used as a stinger bait on a spreader bar with a RonZ tail in the lure is extremely effective at getting additional bites and hookups. There are very few lures made today that have the versatility and catch ratios that these lures produce. Available in 4 weights and many color options.  If you are going offshore targeting Tuna you need Joe Shute Tuna Lures in your spread. For inshore Giant Bluefin Tuna, they are the go-to trolling lure.

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1oz, 5 3/4oz, 3oz, 8oz


Black Purple/Black Purple, Blue-White/Blue-Crystal, Candy Apple Red/Crystal, Captain America, Pink-White/Pink-Crystal, Rainbow, White/Crystal

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