Makai ‘Deception’ Fluorocarbon Leader Material – 30 Yard Coil


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MAK-DCNFC100-30yd Leader Coil 30yd Clear 100lb 1.003/0.039 $53.99
MAK-DCNFC130-30yd Leader Coil 30yd Clear 130lb 1.198/0.047 $64.99
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MAK-DCNFC150-30yd Leader Coil 30yd Clear 150lb 1.330/0.052 $73.89
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MAK-DCNFC200-30yd Leader Coil 30yd Clear 200lb 1.540/0.061 $96.31
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Makai “Deception” is a premium Fluorocarbon. Produced using Toray fluorocarbon resins. Deception has high abrasion resistance, superior knot strength and a light reftractive index that is similar to that of water. It has low water absorption characteristics and low bouoyancy making it sink easier. Makai Deception is a high performance fluorocarbon at an very affordable price.

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100#, 130#, 150#, 200#