Momoi X-Hard Leader Material


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XHLCW150-100 Leader Coil 100yd Clear 150lb 1.28mm / 0.050in $31.99
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XHLCW220-100 Leader Coil 100yd Clear 220lb 1.45mm / 0.057in $37.99
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XHLCW300-100 Leader Coil 100yd Clear 300lb 1.80mm / 0.0709in $49.99
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XHLCW400-100 Leader Coil 100yd Clear 400lb 2.05mm / 0.0807in $54.99
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XHLCW530-100 Leader Coil 100yd Clear 530lb 2.33mm / 0.0917in $69.99
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XHLCW600-100 Leader Coil 100yd Clear 600lb 2.86mm / 0.1126in $69.99
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Momoi’s X-HARD Nylon Monofilament Line is the ultimate leader material.  When extremely high tensile strength and abrasion resistance are required, X-Hard is the only choice. Its produced with a hard outer coating. The hard outer coating gives Momoi X-Hard Leader Material a 40% higher abrasion resistance over standard leader material.

The hard outer coating, abrasion resistance and high tensile strength makes  X-Hard Leader Material the perfect leader for Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish and other toothy fish.

Momoi X-Hard Leader Material leader can be used for shark fishing.  With the use of circle hooks, X-Hard can be used on the hook end of the leader.  The hard outer coating helps reduce chafe from sharks teeth and skin. It  will produce higher hook up ratios than using wire and cable rigging.

Trolling lures tend to run truer when using heavy stiff nylon monofilament leader. When rigging Marlin lures they will run straighter and the hook will tend to stay in the correct position. The hard outer shell of  X-Hard Leader Material resists chaffing from the highly abrasive Marlin bill.

When trolling for Wahoo, lures are usually rigged on wire or cable. However, using wire and cable will decrease the amount of bites.

When using regular nylon monofilament, Wahoo can easily cut through that type of nylon leader. When rigging on Momoi X-Hard Leader Material of 400lbs and up, Wahoo tend not to cut through the leader and the bite ratio increases.

Momoi X-Hard Leader Material should be used when a stiffer leader with high abrasion properties are needed.

It comes in 150lb, 220lb, 300lb, 400lb, 530lb and 600lb in 100yd coils.

Available in clear only.


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Momoi X-Hard Leader – 150lb, Momoi X-Hard Leader – 220lb, Momoi X-Hard Leader – 300lb, Momoi X-Hard Leader – 400lb, Momoi X-Hard Leader – 530lb, Momoi X-Hard Leader – 600lb