Mustad J-Assist5 Hook


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J-ASSIST5-3/0-3 3/0 3pk Duratin 4x Forged $8.99
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J-ASSIST5-5/0-3 5/0 3pk Duratin 4x Forged $8.99
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J-ASSIST5-7/0-2 7/0 2pk Duratin 4x Forged $8.99
J-ASSIST5-9/0-2 9/0 2pk Duratin 4x Forged $8.99
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The Mustad 4X strong J-Assist5 Rig is designed for deep sea jigging. Featuring a heavy-duty Ocean Crystal Blue Kevlar loop tied to the wide gap Mustad hook with high quality materials. The cord is usually looped onto the connecting end of the jig so that the hook is positioned behind the head and belly area of the jig to improve hookset, as the fish often strikes at the top end. Another benefit is less snags because of the absence of the traditional tail treble. They come dressed in tinsel flash and feature a solid ring for easy attachment to split rings, creating a striking point. These hooks were tested over a period of 2 years by Mustad’s pro staff before they were launched. Tied on Mustad 10881NP 4X Strong UltraPoint hooks.

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9/0, 3/0, 5/0, 7/0