Ocean Lures Chafe Gear


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OLC-CG-H 1.3mm 80lb-130lb $8.99
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OLC-CG-G 1.45mm 150lb-200lb $8.99
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OLC-CG-F 1.6mm 250lb $8.99
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OLC-CG-E 1.8mm 300lb $8.99
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OLC-CG-D 2.0mm 400lb $8.99
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Ocean Lure Chafe tubing is a perfect choice for terminal rigging in a highly abrasive environment. Hooks, swivels, trolling eyes are areas where this tubing will make a more durable connection.

10pcs of 6″ tubing per package.


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CG-D Chafe Tubing, CG-E Chafe Tubing, CG-F Chafe Tubing, CG-G Chafe Tubing, CG-H Chafe Tubing