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Ringer Swivels solve the problem of rigging a tournament legal bait using circle hooks. Using copper wire you attach the swivel to the bait and then simply slide the circle hook through the O ring.
Size 1 Ringer Swivels™ are commonly rigged with Small/Medium sized ballyhoo. The o-ring is perfectly sized to accept the industry standard 6/0-9/0 circle hooks. Size 2 Ringer Swivels™ are commonly rigged for pitch baits with Large/Horse ballyhoo and similar sized baits. The o-ring is larger than #1’s and is a Costa Rica and Domincan FAD favorite for small Blue Marlin paired with thicker wire 10/0-12/0 circle hooks.
Size 3 Ringer Swivels™ are commonly rigged with large pitch baits: mackerel/horse ballyhoo. Thicker wire 12/0+ hooks no problem. Tease em>Pitch em>Switch em. Ringer Swivels Size 4 is our largest, strongest O-Ring available. Baitmasters now sells all of they’re pre-rigged spanish mackerel with our #4’s!! Rig your mackerel, bonita, and other large marlin baits with our Size 4 and a large circle hook +12/0-20/0 These swivels are great options for trolling a bait or having a pitch bait ready to put into the spread. Ringer swivels are the solution for all of your circle hook rigging needs. With over 4.2 million dollars in tournament earnings the Ringer Swivel should always be in your spread.         https://www.tunafishtackle.com/product/mustad-demon-perfect-offset-circle-hooks-2/   https://www.instagram.com/trophyfishingtackle/

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Size 1 25pk, Size 2 10pk, Size 3 10pk, Size 4 10pk


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