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Shimano HD ORCA is the newest topwater addition to the Orca offshore lure series.  This lure has a unique diving and swimming action when retrieved with low slow sweeps of the rod, make sure to allow the lure to return to the surface after each sweep.  The HD-ORCA has Shimano’s propulsion weight transfer system for increased casting distance.

The shape of the Orca is not of a traditional style stick bait. Most stick bait designs are long and slim with flat sides. The Shimano HD ORCA has a more round shape. The round shape will actually give the lure some side to side movement.

You could fish the bait using a slow retrieve. The bait fishes much better with a walk the dog action. Long slow sweeps with fast hard jerks and short pauses. The bait could also be fished with fast hard jerks on a fast retrieve.

Long distance casting is not necessary. The bait can be fished slowly not requiring long casts. If you want to fish the lure using a fast retrieve with hard jerks – cast for the horizon! The longer the cast the more of the water column you can fish and work the lure.

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Blue Pink, Blue Sardine, Clear Silver, Flying Fish, Green Mackerel, Pink Silver


69G-2 3/8oz, 113G -4oz

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