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Orange zebra glow

lance orange
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
168LC-350-139 350g/12.4oz 0 $22.00
169LC-400-139 400g/14.10oz 22 $23.99

Smoked Red Zebra Glow

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
168LC-140SRZ 350g/12.4oz 0 $22.00
169LC-140SRZ 400g/14.10oz 0 $23.99
170LC-140SRZ 500g/17.6oz 0 $24.99

Red Dot Glow

138 Lance Heavy
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
168LC-350-138 350g/12.4oz 0 $22.00
169LC-400-138 400g/14.10oz 25 $23.99
170LC-500G-138 500g/17.6oz 0 $24.99

Red Zebra Glow

39 lance heavy
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
168LC-350-39 350g/12.4oz 0 $22.00
169LC-400-39 400g/14.10oz 21 $23.99
170LC-500-39 500g/17.6oz 3 $24.99


38 lance heavy
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
168-LC-350-38 350g/12.4oz 4 $22.00
169LC-400-38 400g/14.10oz 4 $23.99
170LC-500-38 500g/17.6oz 17 $24.99

Zebra Glow

24 Lance heavy
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
168LC-350-24 350g/12.4oz 0 $22.00
169LC-400-24 400g/14.10oz 29 $23.99
170LC-500-25 500g/17.6oz 0 $24.99

Shout Lance Heavy jigs knife-style jigs that are perfect for when the current is strong or you want to fish in deeper waters. The versatile Lance heavy has an evenly balanced weight distribution which makes it easy to fish in a yo-yo style.

Great jigs for deepwater gamefish. Grouper, Tilefish, Snapper, Amberjack. The jigs versatility allows it to fish for pelagic fish as well in strong currents. Bluefin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna fall prey to the Lance heavy.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

350g/12.4oz, 400g/14.10oz, 500g/17.6oz


Orange zebra glow, Red Dot Glow, Red Zebra Glow, Silver, Smoked Red Zebra Glow, Zebra Glow

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