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Create Precise Loops With A Haywire Twist Tool LT Marine is leading the way in innovative offshore fishing products. Their deluxe haywire twist tool proves it. Made of high quality 316 stainless steel, it is the ideal rigging tool for shark, wahoo, and other big game species. It is well-built to last a lifetime. This tool can handle a single strand wire through a #19, 360 lb/test line. With this tool in your hand, you’ll be able to create precise loops, exactly where you intend to, in the wire of your choice. Make perfect spirals and barrel wraps every time, with minimal effort. Engineered for durability on the seas and comfort in your hand, this haywire twist tool will meet and  exceed your expectations. Its diamond-knurled grip handle will feel at home in your grasp. A bit larger than comparable products on the market, this deluxe haywire twist tool has more surface area for you to comfortably grip while it does all the work. You will not believe how easily it manages high volumes of loops, on even heavy-duty line. Use it on the boat, without worrying about corrosion from the saltwater. Customers are consistently surprised at the outstanding job that this tool accomplishes, with no toil on their part. Say goodbye to hand pain! Haywire wraps and barrel wraps will be a breeze because Skurge of the Sea has made a tool to do all of the work for you! Whether you are a big game fisherman or an inshore angler, Skurge of the Sea’s haywire twist tool will help you connect your hook, lure or swivel to the leaders… perfectly. Every time. In your shop or in your boat, the haywire twist that you make with this tool will consistently provide effective in making a line strong enough so that the toothy critters won’t get away. Manufactured in the USA, under the strictest quality-control standards, all Skurge of the Sea tools come with a warranty against manufacturers’ defects that occur under intended use for the duration of one year. They are also willing to retrofit existing products with upgrades as new items are introduced to the market for a minimal fee.

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LT Marine Deluxe Haywire Twist Tool, LT Marine Haywire Twist Tool


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