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The Smitty Rail Rest allows you to hang your rod and reel securely when you are kite fishing or standing at the rail.

Using the rail rest greatly reduces angler fatigue. Your hands are freed up as you dont have to support the weight of the rod and reel with your arms and hands.

When a fish strikes and if you have the reel in gear, you rod and reel could be easily pulled over board. Using the rail rest offers a level of security for your expensive rod and reel.

When chunking or fly lining a bait your hands can strip line since you arent holding the rod and reel.

Kite Jail – its a fact of Long Range Sport fishing. Your kite rotation comes up and the fish stop biting. Hours go by. Your are standing there holding your heavy rail rod with large lever drag reel. The Rail Rest allows your hand to be free and not hold the heavy rod and reel.

The stainless steel clip attaches to one of your reels lugs supporting the heavy outfit.

The Smitty Rail Rest is over built like all other Smitty products. Heavy nylon webbing. Double and triple stitching on all attachment points. Heavy nylon clip locks. Stainless steel reel clip.

Shoulder strap is heavily padded for all day comfort.



Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 1 in
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