United Composite Platinum Composite


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RCP70HF 7"0" Fast 30-50 1 Hypalon $491.00
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RCP70H 7'0" Fast 20-40 1 Hypalon $489.00
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RCP70HP 7'0" Fast 50-80 1 Hypalon $496.00
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RCP70XH 7'0" Fast 50-100 1 Hypalon $510.00
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RCP60XH-C 6' Fast 50-100 1 Hypalon Foregrip/Slick Butt $422.00
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RCP60HP 6' Fast 50-80 1 Hypalon Foregrip/Slick Butt $422.00
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The Platinum Composite series is made up of traditional Southern California styles and actions. These rods are all equipped with Fuji Stainless Steel guides, hypalon grips and ALPS aluminum reel seats. The models range from a light action 12lb 7’ rod to a 50lb 8’ rod. The RCP series is the penultimate power fishing rod. With fast action power wall blank designs, they offer the angler unstoppable lifting power and control over the fish. The Platinum Composite series of rods will threaten to take the top spots in your rod collection. Dare to try one and you may just hook yourself!

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