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Berkley Gulp! Looks And Feels Like The Real ThingThe Berkley Gulp! claim holds true; “Outfishes all other baits.” The Berkley line of soft bait looks and feels like the real thing and is made of 100% biodegradable, naturally sourced ingredients.Discover a variety of Gulp! products – from grubs, belly strips and sandworms, to shrimp and swimming mullets. Check out our range of saltwater eels, peeler crabs, grubs, jerk shads, sand eels, squid and more. Powerful attractants and unique water-based resin construction allow for 400 times more scent dispersion in your strike zone than PVC-made soft baits do.  The natural presentation of all Berkley Gulp! products is the result of specific features aimed to draw strikes from your favourite fish. The irresistible swimming tail action and darting movement of the jerk shad Gulp! is sure to catch the eye of a flathead or cod, and the wide tail of the saltwater grub is designed for greater action and increased visibility by its ocean predators.The Berkley Gulp! product line is tough and durable. Berkley soft bait rigs and fishes like live bait and each Gulp! is meant to be used many times over. Berkley Gulp! items are available in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns, to suit the needs of any fisherman in any water.  

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