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Ron Z®, Mimicking Bait That Even The Weariest of Big-Game Species Will Go AfterRonZ® Action tails will help you catch fish like you won’t believe! For good reason, RonZ® products are world-renowned. Intentional design- and redesign- over years of testing and use has resulted in fishing products that will not leave you disappointed. In fact, you will likely be back to order more!The natural tail action and silhouette of these rigged tails will mimic bait that even the weariest of big-game species will go after. Manufactured in the USA from the finest soft bait plastic, RonZ® tails are enhanced with natural fish oil as an enticing attractant. Packaged in scent proof bags, they will retain their freshness and not smell up your gear.We carry a variety of RonZ® rigged head & tails replacement items, available in multiple sizes. The RonZ® 4X swivel eye-swing hook jig head is the most advanced hydrodynamic designed jig head available to fishermen world-wide- great for catching the tuna you have always dreamed of! Its falling action is like that of injured bait; it can be dropped to 200 feet with little effort. The tin jig head is highly durable and will outlast multiple tail replacements. We carry replacement rigged tails- available in 6”, 8”, or 10” lengths. They have a molded-in hook exit hole, which makes for better rigging and more strikes. Click on the product for more information.The 4.5” 1/4oz 3x rigged model is the smallest of the RonZ® line. It comes with a 1/0 heavy Gamakatsu jig hook, capable of handling large fish. This lure works well for striped bass feeding on small bait and holds great promise for false albacore and bonito.You may also be looking for the versatile 9" 1.5 oz. 3X Rigged Head & Tail. It is ideal for small to large size fish and is a top weight choice by most spinning tackle anglers. Similarly, the 2 oz. 3X Rigged Head & Tail will endure the toughest fishing conditions. A top choice for targeting fish up to 100lb. RonZ® lures are built for performance. A day on the ocean with our RonZ® products will have you dropping and jigging and, most importantly, catching!

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