BHP Momoi X-Hard Wind-Ons


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BHP-XHWO25F220 25' 1.45mm 220 $21.00
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BHP-XHWO25F300 25' 1.80mm 300 $22.00
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BHP-XHWO25F400 25' 2.05mm 400 $24.00
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BHP-XHWO25F530 25' 2.33mm 530 $26.00
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BHP Momoi X-Hard Wind-on is the ultimate leader material when extremely high tensile strength and abrasion resistance are required. This monofilament is produced with a hard outer coating to resist abrasion and for those applications where a stiffer leader is required. For Shark and Marlin fishing, BHP X-Hard Wind-On’s are unequaled for their strength and durability. More and more tournament fisherman are using this product. Loop to Loop connection makes changing them out easy and fast. Low profile connections that don’t fail are some of the characteristics of BHP X-Hard Wind-On’s.

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150#, 220#, 300#, 400#, 530#