BHP Premier Fluoro Casting Wind-On Leader


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SFP12F080 12' .78mm 80lb $20.00

BHP Premier Fluoro Casting Wind-On Leader


SFP12F100 12' .91mm 100lb $23.50
SFP12F130 12' 1.05mm 130lb $25.00
SFP12F150 12' 1.17mm 150lb $26.50

BHP Premier Fluoro Casting Wind-On Leader. Using a 12″ insertion and a super compact serve, BHP Premier Fluoro Casting Wind-On Leader allows for longer casts than typical wind-on leader construction.

Smaller end loops and shorter lengths of Fluorocarbon dont impact casting distances from the line going through the guides.

The 100% loop to loop connection system is an easier, stronger and more durable connection than many of the compression knots used to attach nylon and fluorocarbon leader to braided lines.

Seaguar Premier fluorocarbon has:

42% Better knot strength than their leading competitors. Smaller diameters relative to breaking strength of the line.

Virtually invisible. Smaller diameters. Incredible knot and tensile strength. Perfect shock leader. Extremely soft, with low memory. Seaguar Fluoro Premier & Seaguar Fluoro Premier Big Game. We took fluorocarbon to the next level. After all, we invented it.

When Seaguar’s scientists invented fluorocarbon fishing line back in 1971, it was their goal to pack it with high-performance, never-before-seen features to help saltwater anglers everywhere catch more fish. What was true back then is still true today.

As the #1 brand of fluorocarbon, we are the only company who makes its own resins and controls the process from start to finish. No one else has it because we invented it. Seaguar also makes the World’s Only Double Structure Fluorocarbon fishing line (DSF) that combines two exclusive Seaguar resins for high performance fishing.

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