CT-180 Bench Crimper


The CT-180 Bench Crimper has 5 fixed dies in a steel body. Mounted on a wood board for ease of operation. A high quality tool without the expense of buying separate dies.

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The CT-180 Bench Crimper That Offers Effective Leverage For Even The Heaviest-Duty Job

Build rigs and leaders that are the envy of your fishing mates. Whether it is for shark or other big-game species, every fisherman knows how essential it is to eliminate weak connections, and this bench crimper is the ideal tool for doing just that. Its long handle creates effective leverage for even the heaviest-duty job you throw at it. Commercial rig building is easy with this bench mount crimper.

Hi-Liner specializes in saltwater fishing tackle and their industry expertise is evident in a tool like the CT-180 Bench Crimper. This bench crimper is a multi-purpose tool for crimping both aluminium and copper sleeves. It is perfect for the repetitive task of crimping high volumes of line. A great amount of swaging is easily accomplished by this steel constructed design set on a wooden base, for ease of mounting. All of that rigging, and no hand pain, when you use this effective and efficient fishing crimping tool! Use it to create precision connections when you are building spreader bars or deep drop rigs.

One of our favorite features of this bench crimper is that you can change out the crimp die to match the particular size that you are working with, in order to manage a variety of line sizes. Five interchangeable die sizes come with your purchase of the Hi-Liner CT-180, saving you the hassle of purchasing separate dies.

Die sizes are:
1/32″ = 0.794 mm
3/64″ = 1.19 mm
1/16″ = 1.59 mm
3/32″ = 2.38 mm
1/8″ =  3.18 mm

As always, if you are not happy with any Trophy Fishing Tackle item, you can return new, unused items in the original box with all accessories within 15 days and we will be happy to give you an exchange or refund to the credit card account charged, less any shipping fees incurred by the seller or purchaser.

Using the right tool to build connections will enable the joint to succeed when put to the test with a big catch. We are certain that The Hi-Liner CT-180 Bench Crimper will quickly become one of your favorite tools in your workshop.





Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 6 in
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