Jinkai SC-3C Hand Crimper


The SC-3C Hand Crimper is the finest hand tool available for crimping aluminum sleeves. Great for all size mono up to 400lb. test.

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Jinkai SC-3C

Jinkai SC-3C Hand Crimper JINKAI’s most deluxe handheld crimper, the original fine tool other companies have tried unsucessfully to copy. Other tools may look the same but never match the smooth precise operation of this JINKAI tool. Includes convenient side cutters, safety lock, and three crimping positions for use with Monofilament line 400lb. test and smaller.

This tool is the main hand crimping tool we use in the shop. Whether you’re crimping 60# line or crimping 400# this tool ha you covered. One thing we noticed about this Jinkai SC-3C Hand Crimper is the accuracy of the tool. We have been using the same pair of crimpers for a couple years now. The tool works just as it did when we first took it out of the box. We use it to crimp aluminium and copper sleeves. We normally use Makai copper sleeves for making chunking rigs when we use lighter Fluorocarbon 60# 80# and 100#. The crimp for this is 1.0mm Double copper. When using Aluminum crimps it will be the Jinkai J crimp and we use that for 80# and 100#.

When crimping with these pliers, once you squeeze down the tool will only squeeze down so far. This helps avoid from over crimping. You have to make sure that you are crimping in the right slot. If you are in one diameter too large it will under crimp and it could slip. If you over crimp and use a slot diameter too small usually you can tell by the crimp flaring out too much. The top jaw is made for crimping J & K crimps. The middle slot is for crimping LI & I and the last slot is for crimping H, SG, G, F, E and D. Always check your diameter of the line before associating the right crimps for it.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 1 in
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