Hi Seas Fluorocarbon


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CFC-B25-20 Spool 25yds Clear 20lb 017in/0.42 mm $9.99
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CFC-B25-25 Spool 25yd Clear 25lb .018 in/0.45 mm $10.99
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CFC-B25-30 Spool 25yd Clear 30lb .019 in/0.50 mm $13.99
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CFC-B25-40 Spool 25yd Clear 40lb .024 in/0.60 mm $17.99
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CFC-B25-50 Spool 25yd Clear 50lb .028 in/0.70 mm $20.99
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CFC-B25-60 Spool 25yd Clear 60lb .030 in/0.75 mm $23.99
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CFC-B25-80 Spool 25yd Clear 80lb .035 in/0.90 mm $33.49
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HI SEAS Fluorocarbon is made from the highest grade of pure polyvinylidene fluoride and extruded to exacting quality control standards. It matches the light refractivity of water making it virtually invisible. Supple and easy to cast, HI-SEAS Fluoro is an excellent specialty running line.

Pro bass anglers are using it for a variety of finesse techniques in super clear lakes because it sinks faster than mono, it’s undetectable by fish, and remarkably tough. In saltwater Hi Seas fluoro provides for a high strength, low stretch high abrasion leader material. When fishing for Tuna, Grouper, Marlin, Striped Bass and other big game fish, fluorocarbon provides many advantages. Abrasion resistance is a characteristic of fluorocarbon that cant be understated. You will land more fish because of the higher abrasion resistance that Hi Seas fluorocarbon offers. Fluorocarbon sinks faster than monofilament leader. The fast sinking characterstic of fluorocarbon allows you to present your baits, jigs and lures in a more realistic way.

It’s also ideal for use as invisible leaders – if you use braid or colored line, adding a leader of fluorocarbon increases fish strikes. Fluorocarbon also provides extra security against chafe and abrasion not found in regular leader material.

Hi Seas Fluorocarbon is economically priced as well.  A high performance fishing line at an affordable price.






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