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Red Gold

Red gold
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
JPVL-120#003 120g/4.23oz 5 $9.89
JPVL-150#003 150g/5.3oz 4 $10.99
JPVL-180#003 180g/6.34oz 5 $12.19
JPVL-200#003 200g/7oz 3 $13.29

Blue Silver

Blue Silver
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
JPVL-120#006 120g/4.23oz 5 $9.89
JPVL-150#006 150g/5.3oz 5 $10.99
JPVL-180#006 180g/6.34oz 5 $12.19
JPVL-200#006 200g/7oz 5 $13.29

Plain Silver

Plain silver
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
JPVL-120#021 120g/4.23oz 5 $9.89
JPVL-150#021 150g/5.3oz 5 $10.99
JPVL-180#021 180g/6.34oz 5 $12.19
JPVL-200#021 200g/7oz 5 $13.29


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
JPVL-120#008 120g/4.23oz 5 $9.89
JPVL-150#008 150g/5.3oz 5 $10.99
JPVL-180#008 180g/6.34oz 5 $12.19
JPVL-200#008 200g/7oz 5 $13.29

Zebra Glow

zebra glow
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
JPVL-120#007 120g/4.23oz 5 $9.89
JPVL-150#007 150g/5.3oz 5 $10.99
JPVL-180#007 180g/6.34oz 5 $12.19
JPVL-200#007 200g/7oz 5 $13.19

Crush Silver

Red gold
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
JPVL-180#022 180g/6.34oz 5 $12.19
JPVL-150#022 150g/5.3oz 5 $10.99
JPVL-120#022 120g/4.23oz 5 $9.89
JPVL-200#022 200g/7oz 5 $13.29

The model provided for Vertical Jigging, JIGPARA VERTICAL Debut! The price is affordable, and the spec is authentic. The coating is 6-layers. You can drop it on a rugged rock bottom. The action is long type: Wide slide action at jerking and irregular falling including sliding back and slow horizontal falling. Enjoy offshore jig fishing!!

Weight Length Front Hooks Rear Hooks
3.53oz (100g) 6.30″ (160mm) No hook No hook
4.23oz (120g) 6.70″ (170mm) No hook No hook
5.29oz (150g) 7.08″ (180mm) No hook No hook
6.35oz (180g) 7.68″ (195mm) No hook No hook
7.05oz (200g) 7.87″ (200mm) No hook No hook
8.82oz (250g) 8.07″ (205mm) No hook No hook
10.60oz (300g) 8.66″ (220mm) No hook No hook
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

120g/4.23oz, 180g/6.34oz, 150g/5.3oz, 200g/7oz


Red Gold, Blue Silver, Crush Silver, Plain Silver, Silver, Zebra Glow

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