Vertrex Max Offshore is the lure to use when traditional jigs don’t get a bite.

Vertrex Max lures in the 95 and 110 versions are equipped with BKK treble hooks.

Vertrex Max Lure in the 130 and 150 versions have BKK inline hooks.

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Hot Pink Orange

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
VMAX95HPO 3 3/4" 4/5oz 1 $12.99
VMAX110-HPO 4" 1 1/3oz 3 $13.99

Mangrove Shad

VSWIM Mangrove
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
VMAX95-MSH 3 3/4" 4/5oz 1 $12.99
VMAX110-MSH 4" 1 1/3oz 5 $13.99

Natural Bunker

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
VMAX95-NBNK 3 3/4" 4/5oz 3 $12.99
VMAX110-NBNK 4" 1 1/3oz 3 $13.99
VMAX130US-BNK 5" 2 2/5oz 9 $14.99
VMAX150US-BNK 6" 3/5oz 2 $15.99


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
VMAX95-SAR 3 3/4" 4/5oz 2 $12.99
VMAX110-SAR 4" 1 1/3oz 3 $13.99
VMAX130US-SAR 5" 2 2/5oz 2 $14.99
VMAX150US-SAR 6" 3/5oz 2 $15.99

White Glow

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
VMAX95-WTG 3 3/4" 4/5oz 4 $12.99
VMAX110-WTG 4" 1 1/3oz 5 $13.99
VMAX130US-WTG 5" 2 2/5oz 3 $14.99
VMAX150US-WTG 6" 3/5oz 2 $15.99

Disco Bits

VMAX Disco Bits
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
VMAX-130US-DB 5" 2 2/5oz 5 $14.99
VMAX150US-DB 6" 3/5oz 2 $15.99

Silver Green Mackerel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
VMAX130US-SGM 5" 2 2/5oz 1 $14.99
VMAXUS-150-SGM 6" 3/5oz 5 $15.99

The Vertrex Vibe system is the hottest new technique for fishing Snapper, Grouper, Yellowtail, Stripers, and any species you’d normally target on a jig from 50 to ft-300 ft of water. We love our Nomad jigs, but some days a Vibe just gets more bites than a jig, and vibing is a super important technique for any offshore jigging angler to have in their kit bag. They are perfectly matched to our Nomad Slow Pitch Jigging Rods and can be easily fished.

Maximum vibration and maximum depth are what the VERTREX MAX is all about. A unique design from Nomad Design lure designer Damon Olsen, the deep body profile combined with finely tuned internal weights delivers a soft vibration bait that sinks level without spinning on the drop. This allows you to get down to the fish faster.

The deeper body design combined with the body shape creates huge vibrations on the lift at fast and slow speeds. The amount of vibration you can achieve at slow speeds just gently hopping this lure on or near the bottom is what sets the Vertrex Max apart from all other soft vibration baits.

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3 3/4" 4/5oz, 4" 1 1/3oz, 5" 2 2/5oz, 6" 3/5oz


Disco Bits, Hot Pink Orange, Mangrove Shad, Natural Bunker, Sardine, Silver Green Mackerel, White Glow

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