Nomad Buffalo Jig




The Nomad Buffalo Jig is often called a flat fall jig. It is center balanced and will fall with a fluttering action. This action will entice the  fish to strike as the lure falls. It is ideal for sinking through schools of tuna hanging deep.  Or using the jig for reef species hanging down deep when worked with long slow flicks of the rod.

Flat fall jigs are effective on many different species of game fish. The heavier jigs are effective on larger Tuna deeper in the water column. The lighter jigs are effective on all species from the mid range to the bottom. All of the jigs get bit really well on the fall. However, with a little input from the rod tip you can entice bites on the retrieve.

The jig can also be used to work a singular part of the water column. When fish are marked on the echo sounder, drop the flat fall into the depth zone and work the jig in that zone. By retrieving jig and dropping the jig in a specific area you can entice more bites from the targeted fish.

The Nomad Buffalo Jig comes rigged with a super strong and super sharp BKK assist hook rigged on the tail of the jig to assist with the slower fall rate. One of the most effective jig styles imaginable.

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