Owner Offshore Hooks


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OWN5129171 7/0 Black Platinum 2x 6pk $13.00
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OWN5129181 8/0 Black Platinum 2x 5pk $15.00
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OWN5129191 9/0 Black Platinum 2x 4pk $15.00
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OWN5129201 10/0 Black Platinum 2x 3pk $15.00
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OWN5129211 11/0 Black Platinum 2x 3pk $16.00
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OWN5129221 12/0 Black Platinum 2x 2pk $16.00
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These are some of Owner’s most popular hooks for all types of big game. Features include, super needle point, forged point, XX-strong wire, and Owner’s famous black chrome finish.

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7/0 6 pack, 8/0 5 pack, 9/0 4 pack, 10/0 3 pack, 11/0 3 pack, 12/0 2 pack