Owner Open Eye Stinger Siwash Hooks


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OWN5171-131 3/0 Black Platinum 3x 5pk $5.99
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OWN5171-141 4/0 Black Platinum 3x 5pk $5.99
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OWN5171-151 5/0 Black Platinum 3x 4pk $5.99
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OWN5171-161 6/0 Black Platinum 3x 4pk $5.99
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OWN5171-171 7/0 Black Platinum 3x 3pk $5.99
OWN5171-181 8/0 Black Platinum 3x 3pk $5.99


Stinger Siwash Hook, with an open-eye, is the ideal replacement hook for tuna fisherman looking to upgrade their hooks on all types of casting jigs. Great hook for Northwest and Great Lakes salmon anglers anxious to change out the trebles on their trolling lures. Also terrific replacement hook for striped bass plugs, deep-water vertical spoons, and heavy-metal casting jigs. Features a XXX-strong shank, deep-throat gap, Cutting Point, and anti-rust black matte finish.

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3/0 5 pack, 4/0 5 pack, 5/0 4 pack, 6/0 4 pack, 7/0 3 pack, 8/0 3 pack