Sea Falcon Z Slide


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Neon SIlver

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SF021-120-053 120g/4oz 7

Pink Zebra Stripe Glowing

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
SF021-120-062 120g/4oz 3

Silver Water Wave Halo

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
SF021-120-079 120g/4oz 8

Silver Zebra Glow

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
SF021-120-081 120g/4oz 7

Sea Falcon Z Slide Slow and High Pitch jigs are best used when the current is slow. The Jig moves in a wide action as its jigged or falls. Z Slide is balanced on the center of the jig giving it a center balanced horizontal fall action.


Target species are Tuna, Grouper, Red Snapper, and, Amberjack.

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Neon SIlver, Pink Zebra Stripe Glowing, Silver Water Wave Halo, Silver Zebra Glow



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