Shout Powerful Assist Hook


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25-PA-1/0 1/0 3pk 150lb 221lb $8.69
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25-PA-2/0 2/0 3pk 150lb 368lb $8.69
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25-PA-3/0 3/0 3pk 150lb 368lb $8.69
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25-PA-4/0 4/0 2pk 200lb 368lb $8.69
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25-PA-5/0 5/0 2pk 200lb 442lb $8.69
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25-PA-6/0 6/0 2pk 300lb 442lb $9.99
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25-PA-7/0 7/0 2pk 300lb 442lb $10.29
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Shout Powerful Assist hook uses the Shout Kudako offshore hook. One of the strongest, lightest hooks available. The hooks are incredibly light yet still retain high tensile strength. Made from a high quality carbon steel the Shout Powerful assist hook might be the strongest assist hook available. 4 braided assist cord. Incredibly high tensile strength yet very flexible due to how the PE line is made. Oversize stainless steel solid rings for a secure connection to you main or leader line.


For the ultimate in Assist hooks dont look past the Shout Powerful assist hook.



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