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SpoonFed Bunker Spoons are made of high quality Stainless Steel and Powder Coated to provide a chip resistant finish that will eliminate peeling of the paint. Each spoon has a support rib formed into the base to eliminate any distortion of the spoon that can affect the action.

These spoons are large in size. The overall length is 12 inches. At the spoons widest point the spoon is 4.5″ wide. Few bunker spoons mimic the action of large bunker like the Spoon Fed. These spoons tend to fish best when you let out 300′ of wire. That amount of wire should bring the spoon down to the 20-30 foot depth range. Trolling speed and current will impact the depth of the Spoon Fed spoon.  Three knots is the widely accepted speed to troll at.

The Spoon Fed spoon wireless version allows you to fish without using wire line. A large trolling weight is attached to the front of the spoon. This allows for the spoon to be trolled on braided lines without the use of stainless steel, monel or inconel trolling wire.

Rod selection is key when fishing any bunker spoon regardless of manufacturer. 8′ rods with soft tips and moderate actions are best. The action of the rod is key in allowing for the spoon to swim correctly.


SpoonFed Bunker Spoons are made in the USA with the finest components






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